My Mad Fat Diary to return for third series in 2015
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A new season of My Mad Fat Diary has been NOW confirmed by their official twitter account and by Sharon!

My Mad Fat Diary is to return for a third series, Channel 4 has confirmed.
The Bafta-nominated drama is expected to return to E4 in the New Year. Based on the book My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary, the drama follows the life of Rachel ‘Rae’ Earl as she deals with body image issues, mental health problems and an unsupportive mother.
Channel 4 has yet to confirm when the award-winning drama will return in 2015 and they start filming in January.

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Christmas Project
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So this year and in collaboration with Nico Mirallegro Italia, we created a little project to donate to two different charities: OUAS and the Manchester and Chesire Dogs Home. We got our inspiration from our fellow Scodders that launched a similar project for Mind and we thought it is an incredible idea to do with some of the organizations that Nico supports as a gift for Christmas. The donations are made through (which is an online platform for charity giving, totally safe and trustable) and they go entirely to the charity. Here is the info you need to participate:

  • In this page you have both links to the projects (you need to click on the lateral images). In the JustGiving profiles for the donations, you have some extra information about the charity.
  • Here you can see Roberta explaining the project
  • We are giving away among the donators two autographs (one for each project – that Nico kindly signed for us and that Tammy sent ♥) when we reach our targets so it is essential to put your name and twitter user (if you want to participate in the giveaway, of course) in the comments when you donate ( :
  • B2L7O9pCMAAAVuf

    How cute are they, uh?

  • It is very easy to donate and you can do it using a credit card (don’t forget to ask permission if you’re using your moms !!!!) and any quantity is very much appreciated (just 1£ is perfect!)
  • You can follow the twitter we made for project for any doubts or information

Thank you so much for reading about the project and a huge hug if you’re planning on donate. Feel free to ask anything on twitter if you have any doubts or problems! ( :

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Listen to “My Dad Keith”
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This programme is already available on BBC Radio 4! Go there by clicking here and enjoy (:

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“My Dad Keith” broadcast tomorrow
posted by barbz       27 Nov       categories: radio: my dad keith      

Tomorrow at 14:15 (UK time) BBC radio 4 will broadcast My Dad Keith. It will last 45 minutes and later you would find the programme here. Let us know what you think on twitter ( :

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RTS North West Awards and FFF
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Nico has attended a few events recently and I’ve uploaded some pictures that you can see now clicking on the miniatures below. The first album is from the RTS North West Awards ceremony in which Common won for Best script writer and Best drama (CONGRATULATIONS!). The second one is from the Foyle Film Festival from yesterday in Northern Ireland and a little interview.

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New project: “My Dad Keith”
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Apparently Nico is going to represent a radio play (?) on BBC Radio 4 the next 28th November at 2.15 (UK time). This project called My Dad Keith“is written by Maxine Peake who has previously worked with Nico in The Village and is directed by Michelle Choudhry.


Picture of Mike Joyce on twitter

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Nico as young Tim Burgess in The Charlatans ‘Talking In Tones’ video
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The Charlatans have released the video for ‘Talking In Tones’, the lead single from their as-yet-untitled 12th album.
The video was directed by Nik Colk Void of Factory Floor and stars actor Nico Mirallegro as a young version of frontman Tim Burgess. ‘Talking In Tones’ will be released on September 29 while the band will play a one-off gig at The Garage in London, on October 20. NME

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New layout
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Hi guys! So finally I uploaded the new look on Nico Mirallegro Web with that recent shoot for Rollacoaster Magazine. Hope you like it because its quite different from the previous one (more lightly). Send me your thoughst on twitter (@nmirallegroweb) (:

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Into Film new video
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Here there is a new video of Nico promoting Shakespeare for Into Film. It quite funny so take a look! (:

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“Common” DVD
posted by barbz       6 Aug       categories: buy, tv: common      

You can now pre-order the DVD of Common in Amazon UK (£15.69). It will be released on September 15 and for the moment it doesn’t seem to include much of extra material :(. Don’t forget to pre-order it to be the first to have it!

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