‘Common’ got a BAFTA nomination
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Common is nominated at the British Academy Television Awards 2015 for ‘Single Drama in 2015′. Congratulations to all the cast and crew! You can see the rest of the nominations by clicking on the image below and here you can buy Common on DVD

common bafta

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Nico for ‘The Independent ‘
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A few days ago a new picture of Nico came up by photographer Charlie Forgham-Bailey. Now its available on the photogallery

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‘The Ark’ screencaps
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I’ve uploaded 400+ screencaps of Nico on The Ark. They are not HQ but its the best quality I could find, enjoy!

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‘MMFD’ S3 Vlog P1
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Here I copy a new video in which we can see Sharon vloggging about the experience of being back on the My Mad Fat Diary set with all the gang. We can’t wait to see the other parts, meanwhile, enjoy this one!

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The Guardian interview
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Few actors make the leap from soaps to smart dramas but Mirallegro has graduated from Hollyoaks to BBC primetime and Bafta nominations. Meet the accidental pin-up who refuses to settle for any old role.
For every Guy Pearce or Jenna Coleman, there are a hundred Dean Gaffneys or Letitia Deans: actors who left the soaps that made them, only to become a Ricky Gervais punchline or hobble back after realising ego or expectation outweighed talent. No such danger for Nico Mirallegro. Less than five years after playing schizophrenic emo kid Newt in Hollyoaks, he’s picked up a Bafta nomination for Peter Moffat’s The Village and starred in dramas by Paul Abbott and his idol Jimmy McGovern. More recently, he landed a role in Virtuoso, the latest HBO series from Alan Ball (Six Feet Under, True Blood). Of more immediate concern for Mirallegro, however, is how to handle his unexpected new status as teen telly totty.

“I was walking down Oxford Street just now and some girls started pointing and screaming at me,” the 24-year-old says in his soft Mancunian accent. “Everyone was looking at me, like, what’s he done? I just walked on really quickly, then they tapped me on the shoulder and said they were from Hungary – screaming and shaking, they were. It’s weird, you don’t know how to react.”
He relates the tale with a mixture of wonder and embarrassment. These occasional stirrings of Nicomania stem from his breakout role as the object of desire Finn in My Mad Fat Diary, E4’s warm, acerbic Britpop-era coming-of-age saga, whose wrap parties are “mayhem; we don’t get a night out for five months of filming” and whose final series this summer is “the best yet, a lovely story of love and growing up. Life moves on for everyone.”

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2 new interviews + ‘The Ark’ stills
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Here I copy two new short interviews about The Ark + some new promotional pictures.

BBC Interview

Can you start by telling us about The Ark and what part you play?
The Ark is a retelling of the classic tale of Noah and The Ark. I play Kenan, who is the youngest son of Noah who believes that there is more to life than his family and wants to become his own person.

What attracted you to this project?
The script was written by Tony Jordan, whose writing I love. I knew I had to be a part of this, especially as David Threlfall was signed onto the project, I thought it was a no-brainer. I wanted the part.

What was the most memorable day of filming and why?
There was a great day when I got to ride a beautiful horse through the desert and I just thought I am so lucky.

Was it surreal working on set prior to all the CGI and special effects?
Not really because I was actually acting with a lot of my surroundings around me so it felt really natural as it was all there.

Why do you think Kenan is so against what his father is doing?
Kenan is a very strong character within the story; he doesn’t want to follow the path that his brothers have taken. He wants a different life, to explore and see the world – something he hasn’t been able to do. I felt like he had something to prove by making his own way in the world. He loves his father and his family, but the time has come for him to grow up and become his own man and his father’s project is holding him back.

Do you think that if your faith was tested you would be able to carry on as Noah did?
Luckily I’ve never been tested like that, but if it happens, I hope I’d be able to carry on.

Irish examiner

Nico Mirallegro has said he had such a good time filming The Ark in Morocco that he came home with a bag full of spices – although he doesn’t know what any of them are. The new BBC drama sees former Hollyoaks star Nico playing Noah’s son Kenan in an adaptation of the Biblical tale, which filmed in a desert area of Morocco and meant that the actors got to try a lot of the local food.
He said: “We tried to eat out most nights. We had half an English crew and half a Moroccan crew on set so one of the Moroccan guys brought me a bin bag full of spices on the day I was leaving. I still don’t know what any of them are, but I’ll just think, ‘I’ll put a bit of that on my chicken tonight and see what that tastes like’.”
However, Nico wasn’t so enamoured with the costumes which were made of rough, sack-like material.
He said: “It was so itchy, especially in the heat. I was the only one who said, ‘No, it’s coming off, I’m taking it off.’ But to take it off I had another kind of towel wrapped around me and then I had a radio mic on, so to take it off required 20 minutes of preparation.” Nico also starred in period drama The Village, and in both that series and The Ark had to film scenes splashing around in the water – although he said the experiences couldn’t have been more different. “In The Village, it was November in Buxton at the highest possible peak of a mountain, where I think the water could have killed a man. This was Morocco in 30 degree heat, it was so perfect,” he explained. “I’m a really good swimmer, so if they do make The Ark 2, I might have survived. I’ve got to take swimming off my CV and put Olympic swimmer.”

The Ark begins on Monday March 30 on BBC One at 8.30pm.

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‘The Habit of Beauty’ synopsis
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Life. Love. Aspirations. Loss. ‘The Habit of Beauty’ explores these universal themes through the story of cult photographer Ernesto (Vincenzo Amato) and gallery owner Elena (Francesca Neri). They are successful Italians in London who have their life shattered by the tragic death of their son Carlo in a car crash in the Italian Alps.

Three years later, around the time of the London Riots, their life couldn’t be more different. Ernesto is lost in a vortex of loneliness, regret and drugs until he discovers he is terminally ill… Elena has tried to build a new life with her younger partner Stuart (Noel Clarke) but not with all the love and privilege in the world can the void inside her be filled. After meeting Ian (Nico Mirallegro) a young troubled teenager with a great eye for photography, Ernesto attempts to reconnect with Elena, for one last request: to hold a final exhibition of photographs shot in the Alps – the same place where their child died. The exhibition makes Ernesto and Elena bond in a way neither believed was possible and Ian almost becomes the son they thought they had lost forever.

Hyped up as the event of the year, with the London art-crowd anxiously waiting, on the opening night Ernesto is nowhere to be seen. Defeated by regret and his overwhelming feelings for Elena, Ernesto disappears back to Italy, his mountains and his past. After Ian reveals to Elena the truth about Ernesto’s illness, Elena is forced to revisit the past she made every effort to forget.

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“The Habit of Beauty” BTS pictures
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I’ve added new pictures of Nico filming THOB these last days. They all are from Twitter and Instagram.

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“The Ark” BBC full trailer
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The Ark (UK, – Noah’s Ark in USA ??) will premiere in the UK on BBC One next 30 March at 8.30pm to 10pm. Here I copy a new trailer;

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“Shooting for Socrates” at the Belfast Film Festival
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Apparently SfS is going to premiere next 24th April at the Belfast Film Festival in Northen Ireland;

The Belfast Film Festival is back with its annual ten-day film festival, packed full of star-studded premieres and the best in world cinema.

Sporting stars from yesteryear are expected to attend the star-studded UK premiere on 24 April of feel-good football drama, Shooting for Socrates, a David and Goliath story about Northern Ireland squaring up to the mighty Brazil in the 1986 World Cup. When the Northern Ireland football team was drawn to play against the mighty Brazil in the 1986 World Cup, football lovers here hoped for a miraculous outcome. And now Northern Ireland’s epic game against the world’s best team is being told in a new film called Shooting for Socrates.

Tickets can be booked online at www.belfastfilmfestival.org for £10 or from the Visit Belfast Welcome Centre, 9 Donegall Square North, Belfast or by calling 028 9024 6609.


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