‘The Habit of Beauty’ synopsis
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Life. Love. Aspirations. Loss. ‘The Habit of Beauty’ explores these universal themes through the story of cult photographer Ernesto (Vincenzo Amato) and gallery owner Elena (Francesca Neri). They are successful Italians in London who have their life shattered by the tragic death of their son Carlo in a car crash in the Italian Alps.

Three years later, around the time of the London Riots, their life couldn’t be more different. Ernesto is lost in a vortex of loneliness, regret and drugs until he discovers he is terminally ill… Elena has tried to build a new life with her younger partner Stuart (Noel Clarke) but not with all the love and privilege in the world can the void inside her be filled. After meeting Ian (Nico Mirallegro) a young troubled teenager with a great eye for photography, Ernesto attempts to reconnect with Elena, for one last request: to hold a final exhibition of photographs shot in the Alps – the same place where their child died. The exhibition makes Ernesto and Elena bond in a way neither believed was possible and Ian almost becomes the son they thought they had lost forever.

Hyped up as the event of the year, with the London art-crowd anxiously waiting, on the opening night Ernesto is nowhere to be seen. Defeated by regret and his overwhelming feelings for Elena, Ernesto disappears back to Italy, his mountains and his past. After Ian reveals to Elena the truth about Ernesto’s illness, Elena is forced to revisit the past she made every effort to forget.

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“The Habit of Beauty” BTS pictures
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I’ve added new pictures of Nico filming THOB these last days. They all are from Twitter and Instagram.

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“The Ark” BBC full trailer
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The Ark (UK, – Noah’s Ark in USA ??) will premiere in the UK on BBC One next 30 March at 8.30pm to 10pm. Here I copy a new trailer;

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“Shooting for Socrates” at the Belfast Film Festival
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Apparently SfS is going to premiere next 24th April at the Belfast Film Festival in Northen Ireland;

The Belfast Film Festival is back with its annual ten-day film festival, packed full of star-studded premieres and the best in world cinema.

Sporting stars from yesteryear are expected to attend the star-studded UK premiere on 24 April of feel-good football drama, Shooting for Socrates, a David and Goliath story about Northern Ireland squaring up to the mighty Brazil in the 1986 World Cup. When the Northern Ireland football team was drawn to play against the mighty Brazil in the 1986 World Cup, football lovers here hoped for a miraculous outcome. And now Northern Ireland’s epic game against the world’s best team is being told in a new film called Shooting for Socrates.

Tickets can be booked online at www.belfastfilmfestival.org for £10 or from the Visit Belfast Welcome Centre, 9 Donegall Square North, Belfast or by calling 028 9024 6609.


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“Noah’s Ark” first trailer
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“Noah’s Ark” to premiere next week
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Finally The Ark (now called Noah’s Ark) will premiere next Sunday, March 22 at 7:00 p.m

Filmed in Morocco, the UP Premiere Movie Noah’s Ark is a dramatic, family-oriented retelling of the epic biblical story of Noah and The Ark. In the film, Noah (David Threlfall), a farmer and family man, is instructed by an angel (Ashley Walters) to build an ark in the middle of a desert in order to save both his family and the faithful from a devastating flood – a seemingly impossible task, particularly when his four sons Shem (Michael Fox), Ham (Ian Smith), Japheth (Andrew Hawley) and Kenan (Nico Mirallegro) refuse to believe him or help. In his quest to carry out his God-given task, a determined Noah suffers only disbelief, ridicule and humiliation from the corrupt, wicked townsfolk nearby. It’s only his loving, yet exasperated, wife Emmie (Joanne Whalley) that stands by her husband’s side. Her faith in her husband – whether chosen or mad – may be what inspires the rest of the family to action. Noah’s Ark is a timeless tale; a story of family and faith; about one man’s belief and fixation with building the ark which will ultimately save his family and humanity. It is an obsession which leads to the fragmentation of his family, a test of their faith in their father, and their father’s faith in God and everything he believes in.

“With our partners at the BBC and Red Planet Pictures, we are proud to present a more grounded, intimate family portrait of Noah, his wife Emmie, and their sons here in this brand-new film, Noah’s Ark,” said Sophia Kelley, senior vice president, programming, UP. “The movie kicks off our annual Easter celebration, anchored this year by three Sunday movie events – the world premiere of Noah’s Ark, Palm Sunday’s popular return of The Passion of the Christ, and Easter Sunday’s Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”

Thanks to our friend Robi and the source for the good news!

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New pictures of the MMFD cast
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I’ve uploaded some new pictures of the My Mad Fat Diary cast on set, that apparently has finished its filming. Nico is currently filming The Habit of Beauty. Enjoy!

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New project: “The Habit of Beauty”
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According to several Italian websites, Nico has recently joined the cast of The Habit of Beauty, a film that will be directed by Mirko Pincelli. The filming will start next 23th February in Italy and also it will be filmed in London. Here I copy the synopsis:

Set in London immediately after the riots of 2011 The Habit of Beauty is a harsh reflection on the senseless rat race and the effect it has: on ourselves, our young people and the world around us. Shot in London and Italy The Habit of Beauty is a film about beauty, what it means today and how it affects four Londoners, two English and two Italians. Seemingly worlds apart, our protagonists come together when Ernesto, a successful fashion photographer, disappears. Finding him will change all their lives

As soon as more information is found, will be posted here! And congrats Nico!

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Fan Scrapbook
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Our dear friend Tammy is doing another scrapbook to give to Nico this year. If you want to participate, here is how:

You can either send stuff to my email nicofanscrapbook@hotmail.com, through messages here (this tumblr), on my twitter @tammyberrington or through post. If you would like to send handwritten notes, contact me for the address.

And don’t forget to check the pictures of the first scrapbook :)

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‘My Mad Fat Diary’ season 3 final + started filming
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The upcoming third series of My Mad Fat Diary will be its last, Channel 4 has announced.

The comedy-drama begins filming for its final run of three hour-long episodes this week and will air on E4 this summer.
The third series is set in 1998 and sees Rae Earl (Sharon Rooney) about to embark on “the biggest summer since records began” with her friends: Chloe (Jodie Comer), Chop (Jordan Murphy), Izzy (Ciara Baxendale), Archie (Dan Cohen) and new addition Katie (Faye Marsay).
Rae’s love interest Finn (Nico Mirallegro) will also return, along with Claire Rushbrook as Rae’s mother Linda and Ian Hart as her therapist Dr Kester. Rae has found happiness but changes are coming, with Chloe looking into attending business school, Finn looking for a quieter life and university applications on the horizon. Rae meets a new friend who forces her to change her perspective and question her life’s ambition.
Channel 4 head of drama Piers Wenger said: “My Mad Fat Diary has touched the hearts of the E4 audience and it is with both sadness and pride that we announce filming on the third and final series.
“But anyone expecting Rae Earl to go quietly will be sorely mistaken. We’re delighted to welcome back Mad Fat’s exceptional cast, led by Sharon Rooney, as Rae faces her greatest challenges yet.” Rooney added: “It has been a privilege to tell Rae’s story. My Mad Fat Diary has been a huge part of my life, and, although I am sad that this amazing rollercoaster ride is almost over, it’s not over yet. We have more drama, more tears and more rude bits to bring you. “The support of the E4 audience has been amazing, and I couldn’t have done it without them. So, in the words of Rae, ‘LET’S DO THIS’.”
The new series, which is adapted from Earl’s real-life diaries and book My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary, is written by George Kay.

Synopsis : Rae Earl is boss. Drinking, dancing and dating the hottest guy in the North – Rae has life as a teenager nailed. However, change is on the horizon as the gang grows up. Chloe has ambitions to attend business school, Finn wants to settle down and the spectre of university applications looms large. A new friend for Rae also forces her to see everything differently. As Rae struggles to maintain the status quo, will she be left behind or embrace the biggest adventure yet?

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I also added some new pictures of the cast on set and at the reading;

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